Bus crash on cliff kills 11 people and leaves 34 injured in Peru – News

At least 11 people died and another 34 were injured after a bus fell off a cliff in the Andean region of Ancash, Peru, official sources said on Sunday.

According to the preliminary report from the National Center for Emergency Operations (Coen), the accident occurred this Saturday (14), around 4 pm (local time, 18 pm GMT), when an interprovincial bus overturned at the height of the city center. of Pauca, in the province of Sihuas.

According to the first versions of the accident, the causes of which are being investigated, the vehicle left Tayabamba, in the northern region of Libertad, and was heading for the capital, Lima, but fell into an abyss, which caused the death of 11 passengers.

Another 34 people were injured and were transferred to health centers in Sihuas for treatment.

Police officers, representatives of the Public Ministry and residents of the area went to the crash site to support efforts to rescue the bodies trapped in the vehicle’s body.

Accidents of this magnitude are common on Peru’s roads, mainly caused by the recklessness of drivers, the poor condition of the roads and vehicle fleet, and the rough conditions of the geography.

Every year, about 3,000 people die in traffic accidents in the country, according to data from the National Road Safety Council.

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