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This Sunday (15) a great and true astronomical spectacle takes place, known as ‘Blood Moon’. The total lunar eclipse can be seen from Brazil and can also be enjoyed throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.

As for New Zealand, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the eclipse can be penumbral, that is, when the Moon passes only through the Earth’s penumbra, so that its coverage, although total, is almost imperceptible – it is not is not even hidden, just with the faintest glow.


The Moon began to pass through the Earth’s shadow at 11:28 pm on Sunday (15) and is expected to end at 2:55 am on Monday (16). The period in which it will be fully covered will be from 0:30 am to 1:54 am.

With clear skies, the Brazilian population can follow all the phases of the ‘Blood Moon’ being covered by the shadow of our planet. In addition, you will be able to see Earth’s natural satellite dimming, turning red and then returning to its natural glow.

If you can’t see it because of the location or cloudy sky, you also have the option to follow the NASA broadcast, just click here.

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Check out images of the astronomical show, the ‘Blood Moon’:

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