Honeymoon execution: the audacious plan to kill a prosecutor who fought drug trafficking on the border between Brazil and Paraguay | Fantastic

This week, a Paraguayan prosecutor who fought drug trafficking was murdered on a paradise beach in Colombia. Marcelo Pecci was investigating gangs that operate in the border region with Brazil, including the faction that dominates the São Paulo prisons. He was on his honeymoon and was surprised by the gunmen, who reached the beach on a watercraft.

  • Reward of BRL 2.5 million is offered in exchange for information about the death of a Paraguayan prosecutor
  • Who is the Paraguayan prosecutor who investigated São Paulo faction murdered on honeymoon

Surrounded by family and friends, the dream wedding was celebrated in Asunción, capital of Paraguay. The images were published by the bride on social media.

Claudia Aguilera is a journalist, works as a presenter for single channel — a Paraguayan television network. The groom, on the other hand, led a more reserved life. But one detail, draws attention: the honeymoon destination was public knowledge: Cartagena and Barú, Colombia.

A paradise, which yielded beautiful photos on social networks, the last record posted by Claudia was an announcement of her pregnancy: the couple’s first child. But minutes after posting, the worst happened.

“Two men arrived in a speedboat, approached and already fired”, said Claudia in an interview granted to a Colombian radio.

Marcelo was murdered on the beach, in front of the hotel. The murder alarmed the authorities, even the president of Paraguay demanded commitment to the investigations. But so far, qAlmost a week later, the whereabouts of the killers are still unknown..

THE Fantastic went to the crime scene. The region is surrounded by police. The beach, where the promoter was killed, is private, only hotel guests have access. This explains why the criminals went by sea. They were on a watercraft, rented on a nearby beach.

The swiftness of the action raised a new suspicion. Investigators believe that there is still a third participant in the crime, who would be on the hotel’s private beach monitoring the prosecutor’s movement.. According to witnesses, the criminals seemed to already know the prosecutor’s position in the sand.

According to his wife and the Paraguayan police, Pecci did not report being threatened. Close colleagues told the Fantastic that the prosecutor used an escort and armored car in Paraguay. But according to Colombian officials, he was unsafe during the honeymoon.

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