Is chanana tea good for health? Learn here how to make it and consume it correctly.

Salvador, May 16, 2022, by Gabriela Soares – Today you will check if the chana tea is good for health and what are its possible benefits. In addition, Agro Notícias will also show you how to make this differentiated drink correctly.

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According to Wikipedia, the chanana plant is also called Damiana. It can be mentioned as being benefits of this leaf: improvement in the case of coughs, flu, bronchitis and even inflammation. See more about chana tea and learn to consume it correctly.

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Chanana tea
Chanana tea- Photo: Pexels

How to make this exotic tea

According to Daniella Matos, from the website Tecnonotícias, on January 12, 2022, to make chanana tea, separate 30g of the leaf, along with 500mL of water. Wash the leaves and chop them, in order to reduce their size, you can also process them. Separate an aluminum container and add water to it. Put the water on the fire and wait for it to boil.

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When it is bubbling, add the chopped leaves to the pot of boiling water. Cover this container with water in order to smother it. Then wait for about 5 minutes with the container covered. At the end of this period, turn off the heat and serve straining in cups or mugs.

Now that you have learned how to make this drink correctly, learn its main benefits and possible contraindications. That is, see who should not consume this drink, as it poses a risk to the health of certain people.

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Chanana tea benefits and contraindications

Also according to Wikipedia, this infusion can help as a sedative and anesthetic, improving diseases such as depression. Also, drink this tea if you have diarrhea, pneumonia and even diabetes. In addition to fighting other ailments, this plant is also a famous natural sexual stimulant.

As for its contraindications, people who already have low blood sugar should not drink this drink. In addition, it is not suitable for lactating or pregnant women. Finally, do not ingest the chana tea in excess, 2 cups a day is the recommended maximum. Share the knowledge you learned here.

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