Mysterious hepatitis in children reaches the 6th case in MG, two of them in Montes Claros

The number of suspected cases of the so-called mysterious hepatitis in children in Minas Gerais reached six. The information was released this Friday (13) by the Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG). Until Wednesday (11) the state had four cases of the disease.

Until then, the cases followed were two in Belo Horizonte and two in Juiz de Fora, in Zona da Mata. According to the folder, the two new suspects notified to the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS-Minas) were registered in Montes Claros, in the north of Minas.

“The cases in the municipality of Montes Claros are classified as a discarded case and a case under investigation. The cases in the municipalities of Juiz de Fora and Belo Horizonte are probable cases and are under investigation and follow-up, and have been reported to the Ministry of Health”, points out SES-MG.

The so-called Severe Acute Hepatitis in Children is under surveillance by the World Health Organization (WHO) due to changes in the previous pattern of occurrence of the disease, “with an increase in its frequency and severity profile”. In the six Minas Gerais cases of the disease, the most common causes were ruled out.

Secretary rules out link with Covid vaccine

Also according to SES-MG, current information on the six suspected cases registered in the state, at the moment, rule out the relationship between hepatitis and the vaccine against Covid-19, since most of the affected children did not receive the immunizer.

“In some patients, the presence of Adenovirus and SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) viruses was detected. However, there are still not enough data to establish a causal relationship between these infectious agents and the clinical picture of patients.

The main symptoms of hepatitis are diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain, which may or may not be associated with protraction, body pain and malaise. “In a second moment, jaundice, characterized by the yellow color of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes, sets in, and should be used by parents and caregivers as an alarm signal to seek care”, guides the secretary.

As the cause is still undefined, to prevent cases, the orientation is to maintain adequate and frequent hand hygiene, cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, consume clean water and properly sanitized food.

Causes of the disease are still a mystery

The infectologist Leandro Curi explained to the report of THE TIME that the causative agent of the disease is still a mystery. “What we can say is that it has nothing to do with Covid-19 and much less, I repeat, much less with vaccination. There are people who had inflammation even without being vaccinated. Hepatitis is not vaccinated”.

Curi comments on the main symptoms of the disease of unknown cause. “In this specific case, patients report abdominal pain, severe pain in the belly and, in most cases, not so much fever. The exam shows if the liver is compromised”, warns the infectious disease specialist.

Mysterious hepatitis: what is known about serious illness affecting children

Regarding the increase in cases, the infectologist highlights that it is important to rule out other diseases before the suspicion of mysterious hepatitis. “Of course, it lights up an alert, but we have to consider that when a situation like this happens in the world, health teams are more alert. The creation of new cases in the world creates attention from the health professional so that he also thinks about it. But as there were no cases last week and now we have four, we also have to think was it really a higher level of attention from the health team or is there really something causing the mysterious hepatitis like it was in the UK for example”.

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