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Pope Francis canonized 10 new saints, including Uruguay’s first saint, the Italian-Uruguayan nun Francisca Rubatto, in front of thousands of people gathered in St.

The Argentine pontiff, dressed in white sacred vestments and who remained seated due to pain in his knee, pronounced the phrase with which he proclaimed Rubatto (1844-1904), who dedicated part of his life to helping the poor of several countries in America of the South, as a saint.

During the ceremony, the first in three years due to the Covid pandemic, the pope canonized nine other saints, including Frenchman Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916), Dutch journalist Titus Brandsma, executed at the Nazi death camp in Dachau, in 1942, and Lazarus, an 18th-century Indian martyr.

“These saints fostered social and spiritual growth, while sadly increasing tensions, wars and distances in the world. May the new saints inspire dialogue and especially the hearts and minds of those who hold positions of responsibility and are called to be protagonists. of peace and not of war”, Francis said at the end of the ceremony.

During the Latin Mass, the traditional verse was pronounced asking that the 10 candidates be inscribed in the so-called Book of Saints so that they can be venerated by the Church.

This is one of the most numerous canonizations in history, with the presence of delegations from several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America, as well as relatives and members of religious orders.

Pope Francis this Sunday (15) — Photo: AP Photo

The portraits of the 10 new saints were positioned on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica in front of nearly 50,000 pilgrims, according to figures released by the Vatican.

Among the members of the official delegations present were Italian President Sergio Mattarella, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, Dutch Chancellor Wopke Hoekstra, as well as 50 cardinals and nearly 300 priests and bishops.

Considered the most secular country in Latin America, Uruguay had a delegation made up mainly of religious, including Archbishop Carlos Collazzi, former president of the Uruguayan Episcopal Conference.

Pope Francis, 85, drove a short distance from the altar and avoided using a wheelchair – in recent days he has needed one because of his walking difficulties.

Pilgrim groups wore handkerchiefs with the names and faces of the new saints.

“I feel great emotion to be here in Rome, with the Pope, and to witness the proclamation of the first Uruguayan saint, who helped children and the needy, and above all for Uruguay,” Colombian Nancy Gómez told AFP.

The canonization of “Mother Rubatto”, as she was called, will be celebrated in Uruguay with a mass in the sanctuary and another religious ceremony will take place on May 29 at the Cathedral of Montevideo.

She was proclaimed blessed by Pope John Paul II on October 10, 1993. In the year 2020, the Church recognized her intervention in a second miracle, which allowed her to reach the glory of the altars, as established by Vatican norms.

Vatican on Sunday, May 15 — Photo: AP Photo

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