Rumor: Triple Silent Hill on the way

After sharing art that allegedly belongs to a new Silent Hill that is being developed by an outside studio, with which Konami is collaborating, rumors are now emerging that there are 3 projects in development in this series.

One of Konami fans’ biggest bitterness is Silent Hill’s coma, but that could soon change and several unofficial sources indicate that Konami is collaborating with 3 external studios on 3 Silent Hill games.

After VGC’s Andy Robinson commented that there are 3 Silent Hill projects in the works, AestheticGamer, aka DuskGolem, confirmed that he’s heard the same from his sources and that there is a lot of movement around the series.

“Just to say, this of the three Silent Hill games is true,” said this well-known unofficial source.

“Technically it’s four, but it’s actually three. I know people don’t like hopes based on rumors, but if people want more validation, I say this is 100% what I’ve heard and seen.”

“There’s a lot more to be done with the Silent Hill property than people can imagine, and many of these projects are more advanced than people can imagine.”

AestheticGamer ends by saying that it was in 2018 that Konami decided to go ahead with 2 projects and eventually moved on to three.

For now, we are dealing with rumors, but everything points to the return of Silent Hill.

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