See how to make zamioculca beautiful; Simple tips that make all the difference

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São Paulo, May 15, written by Camila Adário- Zamioculca is a plant native to Tanzania, Africa. Thus, it adapts well to indoor environments, low light, being resistant and durable. In addition, she is also undemanding with watering. With that, today, AgroNotícias will teach you how to leave the beautiful zamioculta with simple tips that make all the difference.

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According to an article published by the website Uol, by Silvia Montico on April 17, 2021, the plant requires little care in the country’s climate and, with minimal effort, it can remain healthy and with the foliage always bright. So, now know some tips on how to leave the beautiful zamioculta in your house.

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See how to make zamioculca beautiful;  simple tips that make all the difference- Source: Canva
See how to make zamioculca beautiful; simple tips that make all the difference- Source: Canva

Tips on how to make zamioculta beautiful

Known for its ornamental foliage with bright green tones, zamioculca is a plant suitable for growing at home. This is because it is a species that is very easy to care for, requiring low maintenance and presenting easy adaptation to locations. A relevant curiosity of this plant is the fact that it also serves to attract protection and luck, as some believe. Thus, it is highly indicated to place at the entrance of spaces.

Exposure to sunlight

The zamiokulkas can live indoors and with poor lighting. That’s why they are also chosen to decorate spaces. Despite this, new shoots will only be produced with sufficient lighting. And when exposure is needed, prefer mild morning light. Another interesting fact about the plant is that they also carry out photosynthesis with artificial light. Despite this, betting on natural rays is always the best choice.

soil and fertilization

To keep your zamioculca looking beautiful, perhaps one of the most important steps is soil preparation. In this way, always maintain a soil rich in organic matter, and a well-drained soil, to prevent the roots from rotting due to excess water. To enhance the growth of zamioculca, also bet on organic fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, essential elements for any plant.

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Changing the pot to help with growth

This tip is also very important, because as the plant grows it is necessary to change the pot. But, when should you do this? This change of pots should always be done every 2 or 3 years, which will depend on each plant. The important thing is not to spend that time. In this way, the space in the pot will provide for the healthy growth of the plant.

beware of pests

Last but not least, pests can get in the way of the process of growing beautiful, green zamiokulkas. Fungi or mealybugs can be the cause of the whitish spots on your plant’s leaves. So beware of high humidity and lack of light. This condition creates the perfect environment for fungi. Therefore, keep the plant in airy environments, maintain a care routine and apply fungicides if necessary.

Now you know how to leave your beautiful zamioculca in your home with these valuable tips to maintain the health of this beautiful plant. So, if you liked this article, don’t forget to check out the site and share it with your friends and family.

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