Soulstice is coming to PS5 in spring and has new gameplay

Reply Game Studios and Modus Games have revealed that Soulstice, an action RPG, will launch this spring for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S. In addition, the companies brought an 11-minute gameplay to detail the combat system.

In the video, you can see how the sisters Briar and Lute work together, using a range of destructive weapons and supernatural powers. That’s because they must save the city of Ilden from its enemies. Watch:

According to Reply and Modus, the physical edition of Soulstice (not yet confirmed in Brazil) will include a digital art book, the digital soundtrack and the downloadable “Ashen Blade Item Pack”, which includes consumable items and in-game cash. for players to equip Briar and Lute.

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In the game, players will need to uncover the dark truth about Chimera, a hybrid warrior born of two souls. Briar and Lute are reborn as the Chimera and are the only ones capable of defeating the Wraiths, evil beings originating from the Veil. For that, they must reach the maximum potential of their powers and put an end to the invasion.

The battle system will be “diverse”, as it will support a wide variety of weapons and customization options. Replay and Modus promise that the protagonists will have “stylish and creative ways to dispatch their enemies”.

Anxious, dear reader? Watch another trailer through this link!

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