Taking care of your teeth can become a condition for receiving Auxílio Brasil

The beneficiaries of Brazil aid must fulfill a series of conditionalities to continue receiving the benefit. These requirements are especially linked to the health and education of children, such as, for example, maintaining a required minimum school attendance.

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A new bill in progress in the Federal Senate wants to create a new conditionality for the program. The objective is to guarantee the oral health of the citizens who are part of the initiative.

Currently, the requirements already foreseen are: prenatal care for pregnant women; compliance with the vaccination schedule; monitoring of nutritional status; and children’s school attendance.

The author of the project, senator Plínio Valério, says that the idea for the text came from a citizen of Amazonas through the Senate’s e-Cidadania Portal. In case of approval, all those responsible for the families receiving the Auxílio Brasil will have to take the children to the dentist from the first year of age.

“If the consultation with oral health professionals becomes conditionality, children will be able to receive continued care from the first year of life, receiving dental treatment and guidance on oral hygiene. We hope to stimulate the increase in demand for dental services and, thus, reduce the occurrence of serious health problems caused by poor oral hygiene”, explains the senator.

Verification of compliance with conditionalities

The Ministry of Citizenship informs that non-compliance with the rules does not result in the immediate loss of the benefit. The family that has not complied with the complete vaccination schedule, for example, starts to receive support from the government to complete the missing doses.

“One of the main objectives of the Federal Government is to promote child and youth development, through support for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents. Early childhood is a government priority, providing conditions for children to develop physical, cognitive and affective skills, especially in the first 36 months of life,” he says.

The folder also has the support of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to collect the information. They pass on data from their own databases to ensure that conditionalities are up to date.

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