Baby transferred by Samu, was only received by HU after the arrival of the PM and the Prosecutor

On the afternoon of this Monday (16), an unfortunate situation was recorded by the health professionals of the Samu air rescue: the refusal to receive a baby by the University Hospital.

After being affected by Covid-19 and having serious respiratory problems, the three-month-old baby was transferred by helicopter from Cafelândia to Cascavel.

Arriving at the HU, the doctor and nurses who were with the intubated baby inside the ambulance were informed that there was no vacancy or pediatrician to receive the girl.

A recurring problem at the University Hospital, the lack of vacancies and doctors has directly affected patients, and also hampered the work of professionals who have their hands tied with nothing to do.

In the case of the baby, the lack of receipt by the HU ended up leaving an ambulance busy, doctors and nurses dedicated to the care, in addition to other demands from Samu that could not be met since the necessary referral was not given to the patient and to the rescue team.

After more than an hour waiting in front of the Emergency Room of the HU, the baby was only received by the hospital after the arrival of the Military Police and also the Prosecutor, Dr. Ângelo Mazzuchi, who ordered the delivery of the baby in 20 minutes.

What does the University Hospital say?

The HU advisory expressed itself through a note saying that the occupation was above capacity and there was no physical space for new admissions. He also said that he was trying to solve the case.

The University Hospital of Western Paraná (Huop) reports that it has six patients hospitalized in the emergency room of the Emergency Room, where serious patients are admitted. The capacity is for three patients, so there is no physical space for new admissions. Of the six hospitalized patients, two are children, which the Internal Regulation Center is trying to transfer, so that the baby can be admitted by Consamu’s helicopter. It is worth mentioning that this patient was transferred with vacancy 0, that is, there was no vacancy for hospitalization. Even overcrowded, the Huop team is working hard to carry out internal transfers and make room for patient admission and care.”

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