Bahia registers 219 active cases of Covid-19 and Salvador has a rate of pediatric ICU beds of 100% | Bahia

Bahia has 219 active cases of Covid-19, according to data released this Monday (16), by the State Health Department (Sesab). In addition, in the last 24 hours, there were 24 known cases of the disease and four deaths.

  • Deaths and cases of Covid-19 in Bahian cities

According to Sesab, the rate of pediatric ICU beds in Salvador is 100%. [Veja no final da reportagem outros dados referentes aos leitos hospitalares no estado e na capital baiana]

According to Sesab, of the 1,545,997 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,515,883 are considered recovered and 29,895 have died.

The bulletin also counts 1,868,212 discarded cases, 333,179 under investigation and 63,321 health professionals who have been confirmed for Covid-19.

The data represent official notifications compiled by the Board of Epidemiological Surveillance in Health of Bahia (Divep-BA), together with municipal surveillance and the Ministry of Health databases until 5 pm this Monday.

The complete bulletin is available on the Sesab website and on Business Intelligence.

So far we have 11,611,043 people vaccinated with the first dose, 10,661,490 with the second dose or single dose, 5,671,445 with the booster dose and 116,057 with the second booster.

Of the public aged 5 to 11 years, 913,743 children have already been immunized with the first dose and 429,021 have already taken the second dose.

Increase in demand for pediatric ICU beds to treat Covid-19 worries health authorities in Bahia – Photo: Reproduction/TV Bahia

Bahia has 496 active beds for the treatment of Covid-19. Of this total, 107 have hospitalized patients, which represents a general occupancy rate of 22%.

Of these beds, 210 are adult ICU beds with an occupancy rate of 16% (33 beds occupied).

In pediatric ICUs, 19 of the 23 vacancies are with patients (83% occupancy). Clinical beds for adults are at 12% occupancy and children’s beds at 65%.

In Salvador, of the 195 active beds, 69 are occupied (35% general occupancy). The occupancy rate of adult ICU beds is 24% and pediatric ICU beds are at 100%.

Still in the capital of Bahia, clinical beds for adults are 30% occupancy, and pediatric beds are 75%.

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