How to clean the ear correctly? ENT answers

São Paulo – SP, May 17, 2022, by Vanessa Higa – Today, in the section Home and Recipes, we will show you how to clean your ear correctly. This article will be in order to help you avoid discomfort or even hurt your ear when cleaning, check out:

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Many people have doubts about how to clean the ear correctly. So, they always end up hurting themselves, usually the cotton swab is placed in a very incisive way. And here, you will find out the guidelines that the ENT advises you not to get hurt.

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How to clean the ear correctly?  ENT answers
How to clean the ear correctly? ENT answers – Source – Canva Pro

How to clean the ear the right way and not get hurt?

When so-called ear waxes appear, people relate to dirt. With that, they end up immediately taking the cotton swab to clean. However, the presence of cerumen is necessary and has benefits for the health of our ears. In this way, along with the hair, the wax has the function of preventing the entry of excess water and dust, for example. And so, it preserves our hearing.

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The best way to clean your ears

Experts are saying that the best way to do this is to clean the part that appears on the surface, it can be removed easily. Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning it up:

  1. First, you need to get a soft towel or the cotton swab itself. But, pass after the bath and clean the outside of the ears;
  2. If the excess wax is very large, do a simple cleaning, such as dripping 2 drops of mineral or almond oil and then turning the head sideways, until the oil runs off completely so that there is no infection.

According to an article in wow by Thais Lyra, on September 22, 2021, it is good to be careful not to place objects with sharp edges, which can hurt the ears, especially the eardrums. That’s because this layer of skin is very thin and sensitive, making it easily bruised.

What not to do to not hurt your ear

Take care when using the cotton swab:

  • Do not pass inside the ear canal, as it removes the natural protection and, therefore, makes it more accessible to contamination;
  • Do not put sharp objects in your ears as they can hurt. So be very careful;
  • They can also push the wax further, making it hard for you to hear, feeling that stuffy ear feeling.

With this, it is necessary to emphasize that any doubts or inflammations, it is necessary to look for a doctor specializing in the subject, and make an appointment. So, we hope you enjoyed the tips! Also, be careful when cleaning so you don’t get hurt. Now it’s time to like and share with friends to pass on this important information.

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