Oligarch’s speech reinforces suspicion that Putin has terminal cancer

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Moscow in April 2022.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Moscow in April 2022.| Photo: EFE/EPA/VLADIMIR ASTAPKOVICH

“He completely ruined the economy of Russia, Ukraine and many others. The problem is with the head. A madman can turn the world upside down.” Last week, New Lines Magazine – an American magazine focused on international affairs – published excerpts from the recording of a conversation with a Kremlin-linked oligarch, which would confirm suspicions that Russian President Vladimir Putin is suffering from terminal cancer.

According to the magazine, the oligarch, who had very close relations with Putin, did not know he was being recorded. “We all hope that Putin will die of cancer or some internal intervention in Moscow, to spare Russia more misfortune,” said Putin’s former close contact, who was not identified.

Polls about a possible serious illness have been around for years. With the invasion of Ukraine, suspicions increased and gained even more repercussion on the internet and in the media. According to the speech published by New Lines, Putin suffers from blood cancer.

Other sources suggest that Putin has a thyroid tumor. In April, journalist Roman Badanin, from the Russian media outlet Proekt and a refugee in the United States, told French channel BFMTV that there had been evidence of the disease for years. “Our investigations do not confirm thyroid cancer, but Putin has been surrounded by doctors for five or seven years.”

Still according to the Russian journalist, “every time Putin goes somewhere, one of the most frequent companions is a doctor who specializes in this type of cancer.” In the last four years, this health professional would have been with the Russian leader about 35 times and other otolaryngologists have been in the office almost 60 times.

There are also suspicions of Parkinson’s disease.

Last month, a video went viral on Twitter in which Putin expressed pain and tried to control the shaking in his hands. This would be possible evidence that he suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. As the former British MP Louise Mensch published, the hypothesis had been raised for the first time in 2020. According to her, “sources linked to the British government indicated that the disease was progressing rapidly”.

In November 2020, Putin opponent Valery Solovei informed British tabloid The Sun that Vladimir Putin is suffering from both cancer and Parkinson’s disease. According to Solovei, the Russian leader underwent surgery in November of that year.

According to investigative Proekt, the Russian head of state has disappeared from the radar five other times since he has been in charge of the Kremlin: in November 2012, in March 2015, in August 2017, in February 2018 and in September of last year. . In these periods, according to the newspaper, the meetings would have been pre-recorded, to hide the president’s setbacks.

Also according to Russian investigative media, Putin would have followed the advice of Defense Minister Sergeï Choigu, offering alternative treatments. One of them would be the bloodbath of deer antler, which would serve to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Putin did radical isolation in the pandemic

More evidence that Putin would suffer from a serious illness is raised by analysts: the Russian leader went into radical isolation in the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic. He required PCR testing and fecal samples to hold meetings and was about 20 feet away from other people during meetings.

In March, journalist Ben Judah of French Le Figaro wrote that Putin changed his behavior in 2020. “Since the beginning of the health crisis, Putin has stopped behaving like an alpha male, outdoors, on horseback or shirtless.” , pointed. “Instead of publicly demonstrating his disdain for the pandemic, he almost completely closed himself off,” added the journalist. According to him, this care would be justified by the fact that Putin suffers from a comorbidity that can make the Covid-19 infection more serious.

“Putin Has Completely Changed”

In February, Sergei Jirnov, who was part of the KGB, as well as Putin, gave his opinion on the state of health of the Russian president on French channel C8. “He’s swollen. They say he’s sick,” referring to the possible use of cortisone in the treatment of chronic diseases.

“My Kremlin source has been talking about it for three years: that he’s going to die, that he’s sick. But he’s been there for three years, so we suspect that,” he concludes. The Russian government has always officially denied the existence of a serious illness in Putin.

Former CIA officer John Sipher told New Lines that spreading information about Putin’s possible serious illness may just be a Kremlin ploy. “Their instinct is to lie and spread disinformation on the one hand, and so this conversation could be an effort to divert attention,” Sipher opined.

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