price on the Epic Games Store causes confusion

After accusing Sony of having spurred a sudden change in the price of Salt and Sacrifice on the Epic Games Store, Shane Lynch, co-owner of Devoured Studios, backed down on the allegation. In conversation with TechRaptor, the dev apologized to the brand and said he was too quick to incite confusion in the community.

The case occurred about a week ago, when users from different regions – including Brazil – noticed an increase of more than 200% in the value of the game. On Epic’s digital store, the Salt and Sanctuary sequel jumped from R$37.99 to R$104.90 after its release. The sudden adjustment reached Lynch’s studio, who accused the Japanese company of pushing the new value due to contractual policy.

According to Devoured Studios, Sony struck a console exclusivity deal that contained a price parity clause. With that, the higher prices charged on the PS Store would have been used as a new floor by the PC store. However, the executive issued a new statement and exonerated the platforms of any blame.

Developers Ska Studios and Devoured Studios apologize for any confusion regarding the price correction prior to the release of Salt and Sacrifice. We remain focused on supporting the game after a successful launch.

More details about Salt and Sacrifice

Souls-style dark fantasy RPG Salt and Sacrifice takes players into a universe where powerful and evil wizards conspire. With the realm awash in desolation, the Marked Inquisitors must band together to fight fearsome threats as they explore unique maps and search for a buried secret.

With punishing mechanics and a wide range of build assembly, the game is soulslike with metroidvania elements. Relentless bosses, inhospitable regions and many traps await the warriors in the new adventure of the franchise.

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