3 reasons for those who want to lose weight to consume more protein

Proteins are very important for health. The nutrient provides essential amino acids for building muscles and other body tissues such as nails, hair, skin. In addition, it plays a role in immunity and participates in the production of antibodies, responsible for protecting us from diseases.

And the benefits of the nutrient found mainly in meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products and legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils) don’t stop there. Proteins are great allies in weight loss.

Next, Victor Machado, a behavioral nutritionist and responsible for preparing the Menus for Weight Loss, explains three reasons for those who want to lose weight to include protein in practically every meal — something that is already planned in the weight loss menus put together by the specialist, what subscribers UOL receive exclusively every Saturday.


According to Victor Machado, due to its slow digestion, the nutrient promotes satiety. This means that when you consume an adequate amount of protein, it takes you longer to feel hungry and ends up eating less throughout the day.


Due to its slow digestion, protein also makes carbohydrates take longer to be absorbed by our body, preventing a large rise in blood sugar (glycemia). This inhibits insulin spikes, a hormone responsible for “taking” sugar out of the bloodstream and taking it into the cells (to be used as energy) or storing it as a form of body fat (when energy is not used by the body). ).


Studies suggest that a high-protein diet reduces cravings for fast food and sweets at night — a common behavior for those who are emotionally hungry. As Machado has already explained, emotional hunger is triggered by feelings such as stress, anxiety, joy. In it, you usually want to eat something specific and unhealthy and tend to overeat the meal, which hinders the weight loss process.

How much to eat?

For those looking to lose weight and have a healthy diet, the recommendation is that protein is present in practically every meal.

The daily portion of the nutrient varies from person to person, depending on the level of physical activity, habits, goals (losing weight or gaining muscle, for example). But generally it is 1 g to 2 g of protein per pound of body weight. That is, a person weighing 70 kg should consume 70 g to 140 g of protein per day — a chicken fillet (100 g) has about 20 g of protein and an egg has 6 g.

The nutritionist’s tip is part of Menus for Weight Loss, a Live well which offers daily meal plans — with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks — for those who want to eat healthy and lose weight. In addition to 5 menus every Saturday, subscribers UOL receive a shopping list, recipes and exclusive tips. Check out this week’s menus:

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