Arma Reforger: franchise arrives for the first time on consoles with exclusive release on Xbox and PC

Arma Reforger has been officially announced with a trailer from Bohemia Interactive, and it’s available since today on PC and Xbox in early access, priced at $30. It is the first time the franchise has come to consoles and it has preferred to do it exclusively on Microsoft’s console.

Therefore, the Arma Reforger leak is confirmed, in which both the Xbox console exclusive and the early access release were talked about, in addition to the fact that it is an episode focused on multiplayer .

Find the first details of the game in our special on Arma Reforger, which talks about the two modes currently available in the pack, as well as their nature as a “remake” of the original chapter. One nice thing is that it supports Mods on Xbox consoles.

“Fight for supremacy on an impressive 51 km² island in realistic cold war settings or create spectacular real-time scenarios in Arma Reforger’s Game Master Mode powered by new Enfusion technology,” reads the official synopsis.

“Return to Everon, the war-torn microstate that already stars in the hit game that started it all, Arma: Cold War Assault. Arma Reforger is a versatile, creative, and fully mod-compatible platform that offers a glimpse of this. be the future: represents the first step towards Arma 4.”

Check out the launch trailer below:

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