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Vaccination against influenza, Covid and triple viral continues during this week at the Family Health Units in Palmas. Residents should be aware of the times and doses offered by each unit. (Below you can see the complete schedule)

To be immunized, it is necessary to present personal documents, such as RG and CPF, vaccination card and the card of the Unified Health System (SUS).

In vaccination against Covid, doses are offered to children between 5 and 11 years old; population over 12 years old and the fourth dose for elderly people over 70 years old, in addition to the other publics covered by the National Immunization Plan (PNI).

For the immunization of children, it is necessary to take the consent form (available on the vaccine site now or at the health units, in case of absence of the father or mother at the vaccination site. In order to vaccinate children with comorbidity, it is necessary to present medical report.

The National Influenza and Measles Vaccination Campaigns are in the second stage. In the first phase, which started on April 4th and ended on May 2nd, the elderly aged 60 and over (flu only) and public and private health workers (flu and measles) were vaccinated. In the second stage of the Campaign Against Measles, children aged between six months and under five years are being vaccinated, between May 3 and June 3.

In the same period, the second stage of vaccination against influenza takes place, which is aimed at children aged from six months to under five years, pregnant women, mothers up to 45 days postpartum, indigenous people, teachers, people with chronic diseases, people with with permanent disabilities, public transport workers, truck drivers, port workers, security forces, the population deprived of liberty and prison system employees.

Children from 5 to 11 years old

  • USF 405 north (arno 42)
  • USF 1004 south (arse 101)
  • USF Novo Horizonte
  • USF Walterly Wagner (Taquaruçu Grande) – on Wednesday, 18
  • USF Mariazinha (Buritirana) – on Thursday, 19
  • USF Walter Morato (Taquaruçu) on Thursday, 19
  • USF 409 North (Arno 44)
  • USF 403 south (Arso 41)
  • USF Jose Hermes
  • USF Taquari – only on Thursday, 19

Population over 12 years old

  • USF 108 south (Arse 13)
  • USF José Lúcio
  • USF 207 South (Arso 23)
  • USF 403 North (Arno 41)
  • USF 1206 South (Arse 122)

Janssen (reinforcement – Tuesday and Thursday only) and pfizer (Monday and Tuesday)

Coronavac (1st dose and 2nd dose for 12+) and Astrazeneca (2nd dose)

  • USF 403 North (Arno 31)
  • USF 1206 South (Arse 122)
  • USF 210 south (Arse 24)
  • USF 806 south (Arse 82)
  • USF 1103 south (Arso 111)
  • USF Alto Bonito
  • USF Aureny II
  • USF Morada do Sol
  • USF Santa Barbara

Coronavac (1st dose and 2nd dose) and Astrazeneca (2nd dose)

Janssen (reinforcement – Tuesday and Thursday only) and Pfizer (Monday and Tuesday)

Coronavac, Janssen and Pfizer, according to the guidelines below:

  • USF Taquari
  • Coronavac: 1st and 2nd dose
  • Janssen: reinforcement
  • Pfizer: 2nd and 3rd

Influenza Vaccination:

  • USF Arso 23 (207 South)
  • USF Arno 41 (403 North)
  • USF Arne 53 (406 North)
  • USF Arne 64 (508 North)
  • USF Arno 71 (603 North)
  • USF Arse 24 (210 South)
  • USF ASR-SE 75 (712 South)
  • USF Arse 82 (806 South)
  • USF Arse 13 (108 South)
  • USF Arso 111 (1,103 South)
  • USF Arse 122 (1,206 South)
  • USF Arse 131 (1,304 South)
  • USF José Lúcio
  • USF Laurides Milhomem
  • USF Alto Bonito
  • USF Bela Vista
  • USF Eugênio Pinheiro
  • USF Liberdade
  • USF Morada do Sol
  • USF Santa Barbara
  • USF Santa Fe
  • USF Aureny II
  • USF Taquari
  • USF Mariazinha (Buritirana)
  • USF Walter Morato (Taquaruçu)
  • USF Walterly Wagner (Taquaruçu Grande)
  • USF Arno 44 (409 North)
  • USF Arso 41 (403 South)
  • USF Jose Hermes
  • USF Arno 33 (307 North)
  • USF Arno 42 (405 North)
  • USF Arse 101 (1004 South)
  • USF Novo Horizonte

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