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news about the PMDF Official Health contest! In contact with the Military Police of the Federal District, the Gran Cursos Online team was informed this Wednesday (18/05), that the Term of Reference for the contest for the framework of health professionals is under analysis by the DLF.

After approval of the term, a notice will be published for hiring a company and, only then, the normative notice. There is no deadline for completion of these steps yet.” replied the corporation.

The contest is authorized. An edict with 46 vacancies is foreseen, 2 for Chaplains and 44 for Health Officers. The DSAP will be required before the publication of the notice to express itself as to the specialties.

Currently, PMDF Saúde has 34 vacant positions, with 25 vacancies for QOPMSM doctors, 8 vacancies for QOPMSD dentists, 1 vacancy for QOPMSV veterinarian and 1 vacancy for Chaplain.

Find out all the details of the PMDF Official Health contest here

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PMDF Official Health Contest Summary

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