Elden Ring’s map has ‘secretly’ changed since its release

The huge map of Elden Ring is one of the main draws of the game, whether for fans of From Software games or new players. But that’s not to say the developer made a perfect map right at the game’s launch, which is why it’s been making subtle changes since its debut in February.

It is not uncommon for some game changes not to be included in the changelists that are released by developers when the title receives a new patch or update. And From Software never seems to have publicized the small fixes it has made to the map of Elden Ringso most gamers may not have noticed.

But youtuber Illusory Wall is not like most gamers. He has made a career out of exploring and finding souls-like secrets, so he decided to create a very detailed video showing carefully the changes being made to the map of Elden Ring.

You can see that the changes are made with the aim of improving the map itself. They are paths added to better represent the navigability of the territory or, in many cases, the removal of areas that are not being used.

Some of the removed areas may represent content that was once planned, but that From Software has chosen to remove, whether due to lack of time or other reasons. It’s this kind of change that raises speculation as to a coliseum DLC that has been long-awaited by players but hasn’t been officially announced.

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