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Instagram has started a test that changes the Stories view model for accounts that publish a lot of content in this format. In recent days, some stories began to be “hidden” from followers, who need to manually enable the display of other posts made by the profile through the “Show all” button, otherwise they will not watch the posts. To the TechTudoInstagram stated that the novelty consists of a test still in an early stage and that it is being applied to a restricted number of users.

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“This feature is in the early stages of development and being tested with a small percentage of people on the platform. We currently have no release plans to share, but we will let you know of any updates,” a spokesperson for Meta said.

New Instagram update now hides Stories from those who post a lot; understand — Photo: TechTudo

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The change can be noticed at the top of the screen when viewing friends’ Stories. The dashes that indicate the number of stories published are compressed and boil down to just three items, regardless of the number of stories published in that profile. To watch all the content, the follower must tap on the “Show all” option, which reveals the other dots and releases the stories that were hidden.

The change is being applied especially to profiles that publish a lot of Stories. If the user does not activate the “Show all” option, the story view flow follows its traditional course, automatically showing the posts of the next person in the queue. Therefore, the user will not watch the publications that were deleted from the previous profile and will “miss” that content.

This viewing model was already used by Instagram in Sponsored Stories, where the user must deliberately choose to watch the continuation of that brand’s ad. Now, the mechanism involves posts by ordinary people.

Instagram hides Stories and user has to manually activate the view of other publications — Photo: Reproduction/Thássius Veloso

Change generates complaints on social media

On social media, there are a large number of complaints about the novelty. Influencers and content creators, for example, claim that the change may affect the number of Stories views and the engagement of followers, due to the hiding of publications for a certain portion of the audience.

Regular users also posted complaints on Twitter, saying that the change harms the fluidity of the Stories experience, since it takes more taps to see the stories in full. Check out some reports.

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