No mood! See how group exits on the sly will work

WhatsApp continues to test several new features for the platform. The newest functionality can put an end to the eventual embarrassment of leaving a group and all users viewing it, without leaving that “climate” that can even generate misunderstandings.

The expectation is that, soon, it will be possible to leave a group in a hidden way, without other users knowing. Just your admins.

Focusing on the growth of groups on the messaging platform, WhatsApp has introduced new features this year, such as reactions that give more fluidity to conversations in very large groups and an increase in the ability to share data and interaction. But a silent exit, where only the group admin is notified, can bring greater peace of mind to users.

How the ‘French style’ output will work

If you usually wait until dawn to leave groups in order not to attract too much attention, the feature under development can guarantee greater discretion.

WhatsApp tests feature to hide out of groups - Reproduction / Wabetainfo - Reproduction / Wabetainfo

WhatsApp tests feature to hide out of groups

Image: Playback/Wabetainfo

With this new function, instead of the entire group viewing the output of a member, only the administrator will be aware.

The classic “so and so left” warning in the group, notifying other users, as usual, will no longer exist. This information will only be sent to the group administrator, without the others knowing through the platform.

Thus, many users who end up accumulating several groups to avoid explanations about their departure, will now be able to leave communities without trauma.

Other news on WhatsApp

Reaction to messages

WhatsApp’s newest update allows the user to react to messages through emojis. Similar to the functionality of Instagram and Telegram, the new feature was a big request from users to make it easier to end conversations or group interactions.

Only a few emojis have been selected for this phase of the feature, but other emojis with all skin tones will soon be supported, according to Mark Zuckerberg.

The novelty arrived in early May and is already present on Android, iOS and desktop devices.

Larger file sharing

At the beginning of May, Meta announced the increase in the capacity to send files from 100 MB to 2 GB, a big leap for larger files to be able to circulate on the platform, as is already the case in other messaging applications, such as Telegram.

Group expansion

In April, in another announcement, Meta said it would increase the capacity of users in WhatsApp groups from 256 to 512 users, double the previous capacity.

This feature is already possible for some users and should be available in Brazil until the end of the year due to the elections, which even generated a crisis with the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government.

WhatsApp Premium for Business Accounts

WhatsApp Business, the commercial version of the messenger, will also get new updates soon. The new WhatsApp Premium is still under development, but it already has a name and promises new features for businesses through a subscription plan.

The subscription plan for business accounts will allow up to 10 devices to be associated with the same account and each device can have an identification name chosen by the user.

Another feature will be the personalized short link, which can be used by brands as an easier form of identification that speeds up contact with the company. It is a unique link that can be changed once every 90 days.

These features will be exclusive to WhatsApp Business and are still in development, with more details on the subscription plan expected to be revealed soon.

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