Now will you? “Apple Watch Series 8” should adopt flat design

Anyone who followed the Apple rumor industry last year will surely remember that, in the case of Apple Watchit was taken for granted that the Series 7 version of the watch would receive a new design, with straighter screen and sidesto “match” the recent visual language of iPhones.

The rumor, however, did not materialize: to the sadness of some (and the joy of others), the Apple Watch Series 7 came with the same “rounded” look as always — and it was even speculated that Apple had postponed the redesign for account of problems in the production of the smartwatch. Now the drums can start rolling again.

According to the Twitter account @ShrimpApplePro, a flat glass front is already in production for a future version of the Apple Watch – and, according to rumors, there are “high chances” that the piece will indeed be destined for the next one. “Apple Watch Series 8”. In other words, the new design should arrive a year late… but it will, apparently.

THE leaker Jon Prosser corroborated the rumors, sharing a series of renders produced by designer Ian Zelbo — you can check them out in the image above and here below:

If confirmed, the new design of the Apple Watch will be the first to bring a flat screen (and possibly even smaller edges) to the watch – in addition to other rumors that have been circulating in recent months, such as the arrival of a thermometer, improvements in monitoring of activities and even the existence of three different sizes.

excited? 😃

Apple Watch Series 7

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