Rogério Cruz sanctions career plan for health agents and announces project to adopt the national floor

Mayor Rogério Cruz announced, this Tuesday (17/05), that a project that grants national floor to health agents in the capital is being prepared. The announcement was made during the signature of the sanction of the category’s career plan, at an event at the Paço Municipal. The structuring of the career was a demand of the servers for more than 20 years.

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse a career plan claimed for years by this category so important to the public health of Goiânia. This moment will be marked in the lives of each of you and, for sure, in mine too”, said the mayor.

The implementation of the career plan guarantees the salary evolution of the servers and establishes a productivity bonus of R$ 300, in addition to an unhealthy work bonus and a food allowance of R$ 400.

The mayor pointed out that, after approval by the City Council of the executive project that creates the career plan for health agents, Constitutional Amendment No. 120 was promulgated by the National Congress, which establishes the national minimum wage for the category. “The city hall is already working on the project to implement the floor in the municipality”, he stressed.

“Rest assured that the Secretariat of Government is already working to send a legislative amendment that contemplates the new salary scale and, thus, confer justice to each of you who have been fighting for this recognition for decades. You have in me an ally in defending the rights of all of you,” he said.

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The Secretary of Health, Durval Pedroso, classified the sanction of the career plan as another gesture of an administration that takes care of people. Durval listed a series of actions that will benefit servers in the short term.

“In 60 days, the bidding for the uniforms will be ready, and you will receive them to work properly, being recognized by the families of Goiânia as servants who are working to take care of the population. Yesterday we also started a bidding process for the purchase of 17 thousand solar filters. This shows the zeal that Mayor Rogério Cruz’s administration has for the server and for the health of our municipality. The mayor looks on with the respect and concern that only someone who takes care of people has,” he said.

The mayor’s leader in the City Council, councilor Anselmo Pereira, spoke on behalf of the Board of Directors of the House. Dean of the Legislature, Anselmo highlighted the historical importance of the act. “We are making history and we are doing justice to those who work from dawn to dusk. Rogério Cruz is a mayor who knows that you can’t manage if you don’t make the community happy. The mayor and secretaries follow the motto taking care of people, and this can be seen in the actions they carry out around the city,” he said.

The president of the Union of Community Health Agents and Endemic Combat Agents, Paulo Gomes de Brito, was thrilled during the ceremony, and cited the work carried out by the category for the health of the municipality over the years.

“This is a historic moment in our lives. 20 years ago we had the worst health indicators. Today you walk in Goiânia and you don’t think you’re a malnourished child, because health workers go from house to house to fight ailments”, he said.

The sanctioned text also established the remuneration of guardianship counselors in the amount of R$ 6,110.71, as of the month of May. “We are regulating the remuneration of those who work and ensure the safety of our children and adolescents”, stated Rogério Cruz.

Also present at the ceremony were Municipal Secretaries Michel Magul (Government), Tony Carlo (Communication), the Chief of Staff, Rayssa Mello, and Councilors Anselmo Pereira, Raphael da Saúde, Pedro Azulão Jr., Pastor Wilson, Willian Veloso, Sabrina Garcêz, Bruno Diniz, Geverson Abel and Joãozinho Guimarães.

Municipal Department of Communication (Secom) – City Hall of Goiânia

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