The Freestyle: Discover Samsung’s Smart Launch

The Freestyle is a Samsung release that aims to provide a consumer audio and visual experience from a portable and smart device that is likely unlike anything that is already known.

With the device, the user has the resources of a SmartTV at hand, with a speaker, multicolored lamp and customizable virtual window, all in a light and compact device. Check out, below, details of all the features that The Freestyle offers!

The Freestyle: beyond projection

samsungThe Freestyle is capable of providing unique audio and image experiences. (Source: Samsung)

The Freestyle’s proposal is to provide entertainment with versatility, going far beyond a simple projector and presenting features that can be used wherever you want. Thus, it is the device’s multifunctionalities that make it complete and unique. See the main ones below.

  • Full High Definition (HD) quality image and video projection.

  • Projection with varying dimensions — ranging from 30 to 100 inches, depending on the distance of the device from the projection surface. For 30 inches, for example, he needs to be 80 centimeters away; on the other hand, to reach 100 inches, he needs to be further away, at 2.70 meters.

  • 180° support — with this tool, you can project on surfaces that are in front, on the sides or even on the ceiling, without moving the device.

  • Automatic adjustment of aspect ratio, focus and leveling — even if you move the device, it automatically adjusts to the new conditions (but remember that, if you want, you can also change any of the settings manually).

  • Tizen operating system — like all Samsung SmartTVs, The Freestyle has the Tizen operating system, which guarantees easy access to different extensions and applications, such as streaming platforms. With this, just connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and enjoy watching movies, series and videos in a unique way.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the device behaves well even in bright environments, but to ensure the best use of its functions and achieve full performance, the ideal is to always project on light surfaces and prioritize places with less light. In this way, superior image quality is achieved.

As The Freestyle is also an audio device, you can connect it via Bluetooth to your computer or cell phone and use it as a speaker. Practical, huh? In addition, you can join resources and enjoy even more. For example, since The Freestyle can function as a customizable virtual window, it is possible to build incredible scenarios, make changes to the natural lighting and project images or videos that integrate with the place, using the device’s translucent lens cover. . Imagine it all with high-quality background music and sound. Parties will never be the same again!

samsungWith a compact and elegant design, The Freestyle not only helps in the construction of scenarios, but also composes environments well in a modern way. (Source: Samsung)

Have unique experiences with The Freestyle!

Now that the main features of Samsung’s launch have been presented, it has probably become clear that The Freestyle promotes versatility through different features, opening up an infinite range of possibilities.

So, with it, entertainment is possible inside and outside the house, after all, the device does not always need to be plugged in, since it is also compatible with portable chargers (20,000 mAh or more).

In this way, there are no limits to be able to explore even more what the device offers, being ideal to enjoy alone or with the guys. In any case, The Freestyle is the perfect option for those who like modernity and trends, giving freedom to share, connect and express themselves, showing the user’s personality and creating unique and innovative experiences.

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