BP, Bradesco and Fleury team up to create Oncology company

THE BP – The Portuguese Beneficence of São Paulo, the Bradesco Seguros Group it’s the Fleury Group announce the creation of a company dedicated to the oncology services segment. The company, which will have the three institutions as shareholders in equal parts and will have an independent and autonomous management, was born with a primary contribution of R$ 678 million in the first five years of operation and seeks to be a reference service in tracking, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Coordinated care, nationwide operations and an integrated and digital journey from the perspective of the client’s needs are also part of its value offer.

Given the increasing longevity of the Brazilian population and advances in the improvement of care and treatment techniques in Oncologythis partnership is even more relevant and aims to become one of the country’s references in the specialty, counting on a technical and clinical staff of excellence to provide patients with care and appropriate outcomes for each case.

Carlos Marinelli, Denise Santos and Jeane Tsutsui (Photo Credits: Fernando Cavalcanti)

The new company, which will have clinics and cancer centers in different cities in Brazil, it will carry out the entire patient follow-up trail and aims, in addition to providing the best assistance, to deliver a model of excellence in the coordination of care throughout the patient’s journey. This will consequently contribute to the sustainability of the health system due to the better use of available resources, enabling an adequate cost model.

“BP will contribute its knowledge in Oncology and Hematology, both in the Brazilian and international context, with its standard of care and treatment that is a benchmark in the sector. This initiative ratifies the institution’s strategy of expanding its business and having a geographic presence at the national level”, comments Denise Soares dos Santos, CEO of BP.

“BP’s excellence in this specialty is the result of significant investments in its Oncology and Hematology Center, with the partnership of a clinical body of experts in their fields of activity. The development of protocols, supported by state-of-the-art clinical research, and positive outcomes based on the most advanced standards of excellence applied in the world will serve as a reference for medical and technological practices aimed at training the clinical staff that will work in the new company. BP continues its work in Oncology in the various specialties and remains a reference in rare and highly complex cases”, explains the executive.

For Carlos Marinelli, General Director of Atlântica Hospitais e Participações, the company responsible for the management and investment initiatives in hospitals and health services of the Bradesco Seguros Group, the new company reiterates the Company’s focus on expanding the care structure in the country to promote capillarity of private medical assets in a sustainable way.

“We know that technology combined with prevention is capable of transforming many lives affected by oncological diseases. Among the preponderant factors for the sustainability of a health project are excellent human resources, a focus on humanized service and a quality clinical outcome. By joining forces with big names in the sector, we can provide access to reference health services for a growing portion of society”, says Marinelli.

“Grupo Fleury is recognized for excellence in diagnostic medicine and, more recently, we have expanded our operations to provide complete and integrated services in different medical specialties, promoting a differentiated patient experience and building solutions that add value to the health system. Following our growth strategy, Grupo Fleury joins BP and Grupo Bradesco Seguros to form an Oncology services company, with an innovative model that provides preventive medicine, early diagnosis, evaluation by specialized professionals, adequate outpatient and hospital treatment, seeking the best outcome for the cancer patient”, highlights physician Jeane Mike Tsutsui, president of Grupo Fleury.

“Considering the aging population scenario and the consequent increase in cancer cases, we gathered complementary skills from the three institutions to create a new company that will operate in the national territory, with services that allow to guide the patient throughout their care journey. This partnership is yet another move that ratifies our strategy of building a sustainable ecosystem of integrated health”, adds the doctor.

High care scenario

With the objective of contributing to the improvement of the Oncology scenario in the country, the new company strives for resolute, efficient solutions that support the patient in their health journey, with all the care that is fundamental in this process. All of this is based on digital transformation, which aims to further strengthen the relationship with users, based on practicality and assertive procedures.

Prevention and responsibility for health are essential in the integral care of the patient. In Brazil, approximately 27% (114,497 cases) of all cancer cases and 34% (63,371 deaths) of cancer deaths could be avoided by promoting a healthy lifestyle, according to studies by the Brazilian Society of Clinical Oncology (SBOC).

It is in this scenario that the new company arrives to act, amplifying the proposal of coordinated care, in an active role in screening, early-stage diagnosis and effective treatment, providing the most modern advances in technology in Oncology.

The creation of the new company depends on the approval of the Brazilian competition authorities, BACEN and the verification of other usual conditions for this type of business.

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