First SUS Autism Reference Center in Minas Gerais starts services

Opened a month ago, the Reference Center for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) completed 15 days of assistance. The space is attached to the Pediatric Hospitalization Center Dr. Helder Castro de Bastos and is the first referral center, via SUS, specialized in this service.

During this period, it was possible to evaluate 80 patients. Of these, 65 started therapeutic care. The primary health care units are the gateway to care at the Autistic Spectrum Disorder Reference Center (CT-TEA).

“The basic health unit is a great ally in this project. It is she who directs the patient to the CT-CEA and, subsequently, carries out the follow-up. This is because the pediatrician evaluates and directs the patient to the Center, where the case is discussed. Once the need is verified, the CT-CEA team develops a care plan with whatever is necessary for the patient’s development”, explained Júnia Souto Oliveira, technical reference of the Care Network for people with Disabilities.

First SUS Autism Reference Center in Minas Gerais starts services 1
Photo: Valter de Paula/ Secretary of Government and Communication

Student Alice Dias is Ravi’s mother, who is two years old, and always noticed that his behavior was different. “He didn’t say goodbye like the other children, he didn’t hug, he found people strange, he didn’t answer by name and he didn’t make direct contact with the eyes either”, she reported. With two weeks of follow-up at CT-CEA, Alice celebrates the small changes. “The way he plays and interacts with us has changed a lot, especially through his eyes. We are trying to put into practice everything that is taught. I feel relieved and welcomed knowing that I know how to deal with and help my son”.

The CT-CEA psychopedagogue and specialist in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), Adriana Bueno Vieira, explains that family participation is essential for the development of patients. “The time that the patient spends with us is much less than in daily contact with family members. Therefore, we need family members to participate and pass on the training at home. That way, the answers will be bigger. We don’t want a patient in a therapeutic environment forever, we want him to live in society”.

First SUS Autism Reference Center in Minas Gerais starts services 2
Photo: Araípedes Luz/Secretariat of Government and Communication

The Reference Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder (CT-TEA) has about 345 m² of built area, with the municipality’s own resources invested more than R$ 674 thousand. The space has seven offices in the areas of neuropediatrics, speech therapy, physiotherapy, child psychiatry, psychopedagogy, in addition to reception rooms, living rooms, diagnostics, meetings, training in Activities of Daily Living (ADL), workshops for families, sensory garden, playground, among others.

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