Inmet issues health risk alert in 11 states and DF

The National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) released a alert to the risks that cold snap that arrived in Brazil can present to the health of the country’s residents. The notice published this Wednesday morning, 18th, is valid until next Friday, May 20th.

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The Federal District and 11 states from all Brazilian regions are on the list. In these places, the temperature can remain 5ºC below average for the next 3 to 5 days.

If necessary, Inmet advises residents to contact the Civil Defense, which is also monitoring the situation in several municipalities. The contact phone number is 199.

Colder in the next few days

Coming from the south of the country, the polar mass arrived in the Federal District and took the thermometers to mark 8.7°C during the dawn of today. The institute’s forecast is that the temperature will drop further in the coming days, reaching 4ºC tomorrow.

The Civil Defense of the DF published a statement citing the danger to health and advising the population on what to do during the period. The recommendations apply to all affected regions, check:

  1. Pay special attention to children, the elderly and sick people;
  2. Keep warm, protecting the extremities of the body with caps and gloves;
  3. Drink plenty of fluids;
  4. Avoid leaving environments too closed to prevent respiratory diseases;
  5. Coat and shelter pets;
  6. Donate warm clothing and blankets to those in need;
  7. Protect yourself from the wind, if necessary stay outdoors.

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