NVIDIA is preparing a GeForce GTX 1630 [RUMOR]

GPU would replace the legendary GTX 1050 Ti

Entry-level GPUs are slowly gaining momentum again. After AMD’s Radeon RX 6400, it seems that the NVIDIA is preparing a GeForce GTX 1630, according to sources on the Videocardz website. NVIDIA’s plan would be position the entry GPU in place of the infamous and legendary GTX 1050 Ti to fight the RX 6400.

Website sources say the GTX 1630 will arrive at less than $190which is the current MSRP value of the GTX 1650. In terms of technical specifications, Videocardz says nothing has been said, but the GPU is expected to use the TU117 chip, the same one that powers the GTX 1650 and mobile variants.

Also, the input GPU must consume below 75W, as the different versions of the GTX 1650 range between 75W and 90W. The possible new entry video card should have faster GDDR6 memories, that is, above 12 Gbps.

Just as the different variations of the GTX 1650 with the TU106, TU116 and TU117 chips are not available in all markets, the same should happen with the GTX 1630. If this actually happens, some markets will only have the RTX 3050 as a motherboard. input video from NVIDIA.

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If the video card does exist, it would be the first GTX x30, as the number has only been present in the GT series so far, such as the GT 730 and GT 1030.

Entry GPUs have taken a step up

Input video cards are no longer the same. Any GPU, whether AMD or NVIDIA, with the number 6 or 60 down, indicated entry models. With all the crisis that happened (and that we are still going through), in addition to the more expensive development of new technologies, it has pushed cards like the RX 6600 and RTX 3060 away from the entry-level concept.

What remains for this segment today are two options: old GPUs like the GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1650, or even newer GPUs that don’t deliver satisfactory performance like the RX 6400 and RX 6500 XT. And since everything in Brazil is more difficult, these GPUs easily exceed R$1,300 at the moment.

The output has been the new APUs, especially the AMD one, which has delivered quite satisfactory performance, as we have shown here at Adrena.

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Source: VideoCardz

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