Virgínia Fonseca leaves hospital after hospitalization for ‘refractory headache’ | Health

Influencer Virgínia Fonseca left the hospital this Wednesday (18). Pregnant with singer Zé Felipe, she had been hospitalized since Sunday (15), diagnosed with “headache refractory to conventional analgesia”, according to a bulletin released by Vila Nova Star.

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During hospitalization, Virginia underwent an obstetric evaluation. According to the bulletin, the exams show that the “gestation proceeds normally, without intercurrences, and the fetus is with good vitality”. The note informs that Virginia “is in her room, stable and conscious, receiving intravenous medication for pain control”.

The announcement was made in a series of videos published by the influencer on a social network. The first, in which she indicated that she recorded at 18:05, has the following caption: “Wonderful Dr and amazing team! Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

Virgínia receives a visit from her husband Zé Felipe, daughter Maria Alice and mother Margareth Serrão – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In the record, Virginia films the doctor Ludhmila Hajjar, responsible for the care, and celebrates her discharge.

Hajjar then looks at the camera and says, “High with sense, Virginia.” And the patient replied: “And I’ll have to stay in São Paulo for a few days, but at least I’m free”. Then the doctor comments that “the baby is beautiful”.

The influencer also commented: “Remembering that high doesn’t mean mischief, right?, mores”.

In other videos, she is already at home and shows the couple’s husband and daughter, Maria Alice.

What is refractory headache?

To clarify doubts about the diagnosis, the g1 talked to the neurologist Eduardo Jorge Custodio and with the gynecologist Fábia Vilarino.

“She has a headache, that is, a headache that traditional painkillers are not resolving. The name of the diagnosis explains what is happening to the patient. She has a pain that is not resolved with the usual treatment. Headache is a headache“, says Eduardo Jorge.

“When you have headache and migraine, you can take an anti-inflammatory, but pregnant women cannot. In pregnant women, we have some limitations for treatment”, explains the gynecologist in an interview with g1.

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“She must have looked for a hospital because the pain persisted. She will also identify if the pain comes from a more serious condition, such as an illness for example.”

Read more about headache and diagnosis in pregnancy below:

What does this diagnosis mean?

Fábia Vilarino describes: “Headache is a headache. Refractory to analgesia, it means that the pain is not going away with conventional medicine. Conventional medications for a headache in pregnant women are not having any effect. Analgesia is any pain medication, It can be anywhere on the body.”

“The symptom is a persistent headache, which does not resolve with any medication. Therefore, it needs medical monitoring. There is still the issue of pregnancy, which needs greater attention,” said Eduardo Jorge.

“How is she pregnant. I understand that she cannot take any medication. She stays in the hospital for IV medication, ‘more potent’ medication and has a better observation. It makes her have better control over her headache and pregnancy,” said Fábia Vilarino.

“The treatment is venous or a lumbar puncture. In the hospital, it is easier to do the treatment because they use the necessary venous drugs and monitor the pregnancy”, said Eduardo Jorge.

“If the person already lived with cases of headache or migraine, because of the hormones of pregnancy – they can worsen the migraine. drug restrictions”, described Fábia Vilarino.

During her hospitalization, Virginia held a “movie night” with popcorn. Who gave the gift was the singer and former BBB Tiago Abravanel, who visited her in the hospital.

The influencer herself shared the session on a social network (see images below).

Virginia makes movie night at the hospital – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Virgínia Fonseca received a gift at the hospital from singer Tiago Abravanel — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Artist Virgínia Fonseca took a test to monitor her pregnancy during pregnancy — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Headache is different from migraine

Headache is different from migraine

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