5 irrefutable health benefits of zucchini, check it out

Salvador, May 19, 2022, by Pedro Lucas – Zucchini It is a delicious food that is present in many dishes on the Brazilian table, being consumed in lasagna, pasta and other recipes. It is rich in fiber, carotenoids, vitamin E, A, C and minerals such as selenium, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese, in addition to having few calories.

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It has, at first, its origin in America and in countries like Peru and the United States. Being a very nutritious food in a balanced diet, it can even guarantee better health and well-being. So check out all about zucchini and its benefits.

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Zucchini (Reproduction: pexels)
Zucchini (Reproduction: pexels)

Is zucchini a vegetable or fruit?

First, many have this doubt with various foods. The concept in botany is explained from the point of view that the fruits have ripened ovaries of a plant, where the seeds are. Thus, the zucchini is a vegetable and its fruit the edible part. So, botanically, it is a fruit.

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What are the benefits of zucchini?

According to UOL, in an article by Samantha Cerquetani, from April 26, 2019, zucchini brings a lot of improvement to your well-being, thus removing the risk of certain diseases and obstacles yours health. So, we’ve separated a list of some properties that you can’t leave out of your health care.

1. Contributes to digestion

With a food rich in water like this, you won’t have any problems with the formation of the fecal cake. That’s because, this feature improves the consistency of your stool. Its fibers will also help in the passage of food through the intestine and produce beneficial bacteria that will nourish the cells of the organ. In addition, zucchini is great for various stomach problems such as: poor digestion, gastritis and constipation.

2. Great for helping those with diabetes

Its fiber also helps to control blood sugar levels after meals. Thus, it is a great substitute for carbohydrates that have a lot of sugar, such as bread. In addition, its B vitamins help to metabolize the glucose present in the body.

3. Assists in weight loss

When constant in the diet, it ends up being a great ally for weight loss. Its excess water and fiber in its composition help to satisfy hunger, thus helping to reduce food intake. In addition, it has low calories, making it an excellent food option in diets where low calorie consumption is needed.

4. Strengthening the bones

Because it has a little calcium in its composition, food provides the body with this substance that is extremely important for the regulation of bones. In addition, zucchini helps in the aesthetics of the skin and hair, also strengthening the nails by the action of calcium with silicon, present in the properties of the fruit.

5. Great for vision improvement

Finally, zucchini, with properties from beta-carotene, will effect the regulation and improvement of vision. Also, it has the benefits of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which will concentrate in the retina. Therefore, this oxidizing action will protect the eyes from some problems, preventing the main vision diseases, especially those of advanced age, such as cataracts.

These were some of the benefits present in the zucchini. In addition, it is rare for people to have allergies or other contraindications to zucchini. Did you like it? Take advantage of the full potential of this food now with the help of Agro Notícias.

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