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There is no safe limit of alcohol in the body for those who will drive. Any amount ingested, no matter how small, reduces reflexes and affects normal driving conditions. In addition, alcohol decreases reaction time, concentration and perception.

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The reaction time is the moment when you detect the obstacle and press the car’s brakes. In the sober person, this time is up to one second. When she’s drunk, it can go up to two seconds.

“The whole brain is affected by the wave of the level of alcohol, but it has some regions that are more sensitive, such as the cerebellum, which is precisely the control of the balance part”, explains neurologist Fernando Morgadinho.

Test shows how the mixture of alcohol and driving is destructive

Test shows how the mixture of alcohol and driving is destructive

The neurologist also points out that another region of the brain affected is the frontal region, the decision region.

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“When you decide whether to overtake the other car or not, it’s important. If you add a wrong or inadequate decision with a difficulty in coordination, then you have an accident with risk for you and for others”, he analyzes The specialist.

How do different alcohol concentrations affect driving ability?

The effects of blood alcohol concentration

Blood alcohol concentration (%)predictable effects on driving
0.02%Visual functions decrease; Reduced ability to do two things at once (split attention)
0.05%Reduced coordination; reduced ability to track moving objects; reduced response to fast driving situations; driving difficulty
0.08%Decreased concentration; short-term memory loss; loss of speed control; reduced ability to process information (ability to see signs or signs); decreased perception
0.10%Reduced ability to stay in the same lane as the road and stop correctly
0.15%Substantial inability to control the vehicle, pay attention to driving functions, and process visual and auditory information

Effects of alcohol on the brain can cause blackout

Effects of alcohol on the brain can cause blackout

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