Residents avoid talking about deaths at a health center in Fortaleza

Commercial points, car repair shops and a teaching institution close to the Edmar Fujita health post, in the Dias Macedo neighborhood, were closed on Thursday morning, the 19th. The reason was the fear of returning to normality after the place where Fortaleza was the scene of the murder of three people, on the afternoon of Wednesday, 18.

“We are afraid that something bad will happen, we cannot talk about it. In fact, we are terrified because of the violence in this place”, said a resident of the surroundings of Avenida Alberto Craveiro. She passed by the place this morning.

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The residents and workers in the surroundings approached by the THE PEOPLE declined to comment on the matter, but regretted the insecurity. According to them, the violence would be related to factions in the place. At the health post, vehicles and armed security agents guarded the area. The service in the unit was normalized.

Some patients who left the clinic during the morning also did not want to talk about the deaths. “I live a little close by, but I only heard about what happened yesterday. We are scared, but I had to come to the clinic this morning”, said a patient who preferred not to identify herself. On the avenue, the scenario was of low flow of cars and pedestrians on the sidewalks.

The action mobilized Ceará state authorities, such as the mayor of Fortaleza, José Sarto (PDT), who went to the scene shortly after the action. In addition to Governor Izolda Cela (PDT): “I have determined to the Secretary of Security, Sandro Caron, the necessary police apparatus, including aircraft, to identify and arrest criminals as quickly as possible. “, wrote Izolda on the governor’s official profile on Twitter. The suspects involved in the case were detained by the police force.

The Municipal Health Department (SMS) reported, in a note, to have CCTV cameras in care units. The images recorded at the Edmar Fujita post, according to SMS, were used for investigations by the Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), resulting in the arrest of three suspects.

On the morning of this Thursday, 19, Mayor Sarto said in an interview that the Municipal Guard of Fortaleza should carry out a technical study to assess the degree of vulnerability in the 116 health posts and, thus, define priority areas for the installation of video surveillance cameras. integrated into the centers.

The SSPDS told O POVO, this Thursday, that the Military Police of Ceará (PMCE) “performs patrols in the Dias Macedo neighborhood, and commerce works normally”.

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