Voyager I probe is lost, lost

THE NASA recently announced that the Voyager 1 space probe, the first human-made object that left the solar system and also the furthest from Earth, is experiencing problems. According to the space agency, the space probe is sending “strange” data about your location. Obviously, theories about aliens are starting to emerge, but this must be a real terrestrial problem… or rather, space.

Has anyone seen me here? I didn’t see anyone either

the team of NASA responsible for the mission voyager 1 informed that the probe is sending wrong data regarding its movement and orientation. This data is sent by the Altitude and Articulation Control System (AACS). This equipment is responsible for positioning the antenna of the voyager 1 towards Earth, using information from the interstellar space where it is located. According to NASAthe data received is not in accordance with what is actually happening on board.

But there is good news in all of this, even if she is “lost” about what she is doing, the fact that she receives and sends a signal back to Earth is indicative that her antenna is positioned correctly. Just like that case of the drunk looking for the key in her hand.

In the first photo, the relative positions of the most distant space probes from Earth. In the second photo, the Voyager I. Credits: Disclosure/NASA.

Suzanne Dodd, one of the mission team members Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, comments that a “mystery like this” is in keeping with the stage at which the mission is. “Both spacecraft are nearly 45 years old, which is much longer than mission planners imagined,” said Dodd. Despite the age, the Voyager 2 is working normally, but it is also not as far away as the voyager 1.

Voyager 1 entered interstellar space in 2012

Voyager 1 is more than 15 billion kilometers away from Earth. In interstellar space, where it is located, there is an enormous amount of radiation whose impact on spaceships is unknown and the Voyager I still has a technology from 45 years ago. Until the issue is resolved or understood, there is no way of knowing whether it will affect the future of the mission. Either way, it is expected to end in 2025.


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Source: Business Insider

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