Apple headset will be standalone — but won’t focus on gaming, says reporter

Earlier this week, we commented on a report by Wayne Ma, from The Informationabout the behind-the-scenes development of the infamous Apple’s augmented/virtual reality headsetwhich raised a series of difficulties encountered by the Apple team responsible for the project.

Now, Ma has published even more information about the obstacles that Apple faced in the development of the device – one of them, including, resulting from a decision by the company’s former head of design, Jony Ive.

According to today’s story, Apple decided, in 2019, to work on a standalone headset with its own processing capacity — instead of a device that should be connected to some kind of station/base.

In season, Mike Rockwellexecutive in charge of Apple’s VR team, believed that the model connected to a base would be preferred among other people – since the graphics of the standalone model would be “inferior”.

That’s not what happened and some executives “blame” Ive for allegedly “altering the main purpose of the product”. Also according to the reporter, Ive continues to act as a consultant for Apple, contributing to aspects of the headset’s design – such as where the battery should be placed.

Supporters of the interdependent version, on the other hand, said that Apple should have released a device that professionals/creators could use to “develop mixed reality experiences” before offering a product to consumers, such as “Apple Glass”. In addition, the initial version of the gadget would not focus on games, as previously speculated.

Four people who worked on the project also criticized its lack of focus on games, a software category that appeals to early adopters and that was important to the iPhone’s success, as well as having been a high priority for Meta’s VR group.

According to the information, Apple is not developing game controls for the device and intends to combine the headset’s tracking capabilities with a clothespin-like finger clip as a way of interacting with AR/VR content.

The report also reiterates earlier information that the headset will have multiple cameras to track users’ facial expressions — in order to create “accurate digital avatars” to represent them.

The fact is that, recently, journalist Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, reported that the headset would have been demonstrated to Apple’s board of directors — suggesting the device is nearing completion. The predictions, however, are that the device will be launched later this year — or early next year, if there are no further delays.

via MacRumors

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