Are sudden changes in temperature bad for the body? Understand the danger – 05/20/2022

For those who already have respiratory diseases, a sudden change in temperature is, yes, dangerous. It is common to increase cases of rhinitis, asthma, shortness of breath and pneumonia, especially in the elderly and children, when this happens.

“This change affects those who have health problems, especially those who are not undergoing treatment. A crisis can even take the person to an emergency room”, warns allergist Andréa Cohon, from the Clinical Immunology and Allergy Laboratory at Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo. Paul.

Sudden cold is an aggression to the body, which requires it to spend more energy to generate heat and causes a drop in the body’s defense. The nerve endings in the nose are especially sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

“The protective mucus in the airways is unprotected because of the dry weather, so chronic diseases can get worse”, explains Jaquelina Sonoe Ota, associate professor of pulmonology at Escola Paulista de Medicina. “Those who already have asthma and rhinosinusitis should maintain treatment and medication to avoid crises.”

The lower temperature also generates a greater agglomeration of people, which facilitates the circulation of viruses and a greater occurrence of infections.

So, to prevent, it is important to ensure ventilation in closed places, do nasal hygiene, maintain good hydration and wrap up well — without getting hot. And, of course, keep vaccinations against flu, coronavirus and other viruses up to date.

Another tip is to avoid going out of very hot environments to the street without dressing properly.

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