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Can I lose weight without giving up my French bread in the morning?

Karen Costa, Sao Paulo

Answers Gustavo Feil, a nutrition specialist with a focus on longevity

A lot of people ask this. Also because there is a recurrence of eating a plate of bread every day, which brings a comfort as it is a source of carbohydrate. But the answer is yes. There’s no way, by the way, for us to say no, because he’s not the one who gets fat. But habits throughout the day.

The problem is that today we live in a very immediate society. So we want everything for yesterday. No one can expect the result following a proper and healthy treatment. And this implies that many people end up doing restricted or restrictive eating to achieve a certain short-term goal, without thinking about the consequences.

And the diet may even give the expected result, but all this generates anxiety, food compulsion. So the habit of life that is not just about food, important to say, is about thinking about longevity and not “give a weight loss” for an event, for example.

The difference in doing a restrictive diet is in awareness. When we eat healthy things on a daily basis, it’s obvious that I’ll be able to go to a pizzeria, eventually, to eat a hamburger. But this should not be a recurrence.

We have to learn to unwrap less and peel more. Practice daily physical exercise – I recommend 45 minutes of walking a day –, daily meditation and avoid drugs, sugars and alcoholic beverages.

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