Curitiba recommends the use of masks again and changes care protocol in health units | Paraná

The Municipal Health Department (SMS) of Curitiba again recommended, this Friday (20), the use of masks for closed places or in environments with agglomerations.

Also this Friday, the city hall changed the scheme of care in health units, temporarily suspending the scheduling of care for chronic patients. See details below.

The measures are announced, according to the prefecture, because of the high number of new cases and active cases of Covid-19 in the municipality. There was a 171% increase in the moving average of new cases compared to 14 days ago, with 1,466 confirmations.

See the places where the secretary recommends the use of the mask:

  • Public transport
  • terminals
  • tube stations
  • shows
  • Games
  • malls
  • Shops
  • supermarkets
  • health facilities

SMS also said that the municipal health system is under pressure to increase care for respiratory diseases.

In March, the Government of Paraná published a new decree with milder measures to combat Covid-19after repeal of the state law that required the use of masks in all spaces of the state.

According to the prefecture, as of this Friday (20), health units will only attend urgent cases, temporarily suspending the scheduling of care for chronic patients.

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The change does not affect the reception of pregnant women and children, vaccination, dispensing of medicines and dental care.

SMS also announced the return of “Y” service in health units, which means carrying out an exclusive flow for respiratory cases and a separate one for other situations. The model was widely used during the most critical moments of the pandemic.

drug prescriptions

Another measure announced was the automatic renewal, for another 60 days, of prescriptions for continuous use medications.

where to look for care

The orientation of the Department of Health is that, if necessary, users should preferably seek the health unit in which they are registered, from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, the orientation is to look for the health unit open in the district where the user resides.

In addition, SMS maintains the Central 3350-9000 to answer by phone those who have mild respiratory symptoms. The service is from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

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