Dolmen: national game shows Brazil’s potential in the world of games | Analysis / Review

The game Dolmen it is a science fiction RPG, developed by the Brazilian Massive Work Studio. He seeks to create a game that mixes elements of horror with an environment of lots of action and adventure.

What will the national game be able to deliver to players? Does it have the potential to be successful even on the new generation of consoles? TudoCelular has tested the title in advance for Xbox Series S and tells the details below.


The plot involves the protagonist’s trip to the planet Revion Prime, in order to discover the reasons for mysterious incidents happening there. The events would have caused the misuse of the crystal called Dolmen.

When he arrives at the place, the protagonist will have to face scary monsters that tried to kill him. Survival will require great effort and creating different “timelines” when one ever dies, until discovering the truth of the place.

This style runs away from a soulslike standard, since we have a greater participation of the character in the plot. After all, he arrives with a goal and discovers several unfoldings along the way – not always with a clear link between them.

You will gain greater knowledge about the context of the adventure throughout the game, through cutscenes or texts placed in red auras on the ground, which are accompanied by movement instructions.

As it is a Brazilian game, there is complete localization for the Portuguese language throughout the production. So understanding will not be a problem for any kind of gamer.


This game has third-person view. In this way, you can see your character and his surroundings. There are two methods of combat: a more physical and direct one, with the sword or other type of weapon that is in your hand; and the other at a distance, by means of firearm shots.

The player also needs to manage energy and health bars and the use of batteries to recharge them, in order to bring the strategy into the game. A pity that there is little precision in the movements and many times this can hinder your attacks or even during a defense.

You can bet on three types of elements – ice, fire and poison – which will influence the amount of damage applied to opponents – that is, we have a weakness mechanic applied here. A pity that the exchange of elements and the interface does not have such an easy process.

The adventure still has bosses scattered throughout the stages. The difficulty level, despite not being the easiest, maintains a good level and becomes more complex as time goes by.

The pace of events is well suited to the horror style, delivering moments in which you must attack quickly and others in which you can be surprised by some terrifying creature.

One problem is due to the imbalance of often losing a good part of your life and having your speed reduced after a single hit. This demands being always attentive so as not to lose life unnecessarily.

Graphics and soundtrack

The graphics part starts with two options right from the start: Performance Mode and Quality Mode. The former maintains a lower resolution to increase the frame rate per second, which can help you have a little more precision in attacks and defenses. The second exploits compatible visuals, such as Ray Tracing, in exchange for less fps.

Overall, player movements are quite artificial and could be better. Even the traits are still below average in titles of the new generation of consoles and do not deliver anything new. Therefore, choosing the option that uses the light and shadow enhancements will give a great gain in the graphics experience.

Despite this, the horror-oriented elements in Dolmen are enough to give goosebumps in various situations and frighten with frightening creatures.

The soundtrack is also underwhelming. In a horror game, the setting would be even more dreadful with music that favored the setting. The sound only appears during boss fights.

At least, we have a game fully dubbed in Portuguese. The voices were well chosen and fit into the story. This is something that we always emphasize as positive, as it creates a greater identification with the local public.

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Final considerations

Dolmen proves that it is possible to have a Brazilian game that delivers complex gameplay and graphics adapted to the latest technologies. The game builds a narrative that involves the player a lot and doesn’t stop playing in a short time.

Despite this, we have some important issues to highlight. Moving without precision work, for example, becomes a hindrance to progress and can get you killed at times.

The graphics and soundtrack are also below what would be ideal for the game. However, certainly undemanding players will be able to have fun for hours without noticing these negative points.


Very complex and eventful story, but without facts that are linked together.


Strong point of this game. You will have multiple options for attacks, system of weaknesses by elements and various actions along the way.


The graphics are not so detailed and could be better worked, but they explore current technologies, such as Ray Tracing.


We expected more from the soundtrack, as there is no background music at all times. The presence of dubbing leaves the note in the middle.


Dolmen is able to provide hours of gameplay (and some scares too…) while having a good involvement with the plot.

Total Score

The game shows the potential of Brazilian studios to create a quality game, even far from perfection.

It is worth it?

The Massive Work Studio game will be released from this Friday (20), for the platforms PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. On consoles, the title costs around R$200, against R$75.49 via Steam. In other words, at this first moment, the acquisition for computers is worth it.

What is your assessment of the national game Dolmen? Report it to us in the space below!

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