Instagram tests new layout for photos in feed; users complain about the look

In the crossfire with TikTok, Instagram has been dedicated to a series of alterations and changes to its structure and visuals to maintain the importance and, most valuable, the time and attention of users. However, not all updates are well embraced by users.

Since the beginning of May, the network has been testing a new feed photo view layout that, instead of directing the user to a simple view of the selected image, now leads to a new page, where the photo is displayed in full screenwith a colored background, reminiscent of the stories layout.

As it usually happens in this type of update, the change comes to some people at random, and the network follows the reactions, suggestions and criticisms of the experiment. When the change was announced by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, he called the change “immersive”.

Nonetheless, most reactions from users on networks have been negative. Some cite that they “killed the view of the photos”, and cite confusion to understand the clipping of the images, as well as criticizing the position of the captions, right at the bottom of the screen.

Users have also complained that Instagram’s algorithm now shows more suggested posts in your feed from people you don’t follow. In parallel, Stories also undergo a change now that whoever posts several of them (it is possible to keep up to 100 in 24 hours) will have some hidden, and only the attentive user will be able to access them by clicking an option to show all.

You can see when there are hidden posts by looking at the timeline at the top of the screen. If it ends with an ellipsis, it’s because some stories are being omitted — which can make for more frantic browsing, but also disrupt the audience.

And you, what do you think of these changes? Were you lucky (or unlucky) to be testing the features?

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