See the best pictures of the Milky Way from 2022

Image: Alexis Trigo/Reproduction

Every year, the travel and photography guide Capture the Atlas organizes a competition with the best photos of the Milky Way. As seeing the beauty of space with the naked eye is not always possible, fortunately, with a little talent and the right equipment, you can capture it with a camera. See the highlights of 2022:

“Perseid Meteor Shower on Mount Mangart” – Uros Fink

Image: Uros Fink/Reproduction

Uros Fink’s photo was taken from the Julian Alps in Slovenia. The photographer says that he planned the trip with a friend for six months, which gave the duo great results.

The friends joined several other professionals on Mount Mangart, the third highest mountain in the country, from which you can see the stunning Andromeda Galaxy. Fink also managed to record the passage of the Perseid meteor shower, associated with comet Swift-Tuttle.

“Ice Age” – Alvin Wu

Image: Alvin Wu/Reproduction

Alvin Wu made his record in Tibet. The lake that makes up the landscape freezes during the winter, when temperatures are around minus 20ºC. The image composition combines the blue ice surface with the dazzling constellation Orion.

“A balcony for the stars” – Efrén Yanes

Image: Efrén Yanes/Reproduction

The photo of Efrén Yanes was taken in Tenerife, in the Spanish territory of the Canary Islands. It was not easy to get to the click, as the tide had to be low for the photographer to be able to enter the cave. In addition, the sea conditions must also be perfect to not present risks.

It took three attempts until he managed to reach the stage. The person seen in the background of the photo is Yanes himself, who has fitted himself into the frame to give viewers a sense of scale.

“Secret” – Marcin Zajac

Image: Marcin Zajac/Reproduction

Marcin Zajac took his photo in California, United States. In the image, it is possible to see representations in rock made by man, which are called petroglyphs. These in question were made by Native Americans who inhabited the eastern part of California thousands of years ago.

“Lavender House” – Benjamin Barakat

Image: Benjamin Barakat/Reproduction

Benjamin Barakat’s click was taken in Valensole, France. The photographer says that he took the picture during a hot summer night, getting the image of an isolated house in the middle of the lavender field.

Barakat writes: “The smell and atmosphere of these lavender fields are unreal, and standing there among them in the middle of the night is a delight, especially since the bees have gone to sleep and you don’t risk being stung!”

“The salt road” – Alexis Trigo

Image: Alexis Trigo/Reproduction

Alexis Trigo took his photo in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The photographer says he discovered the location of the photo while riding his bike in search of a unique panoramic view. And there was the Cordillera del Sal, with the mineral scattered on the ground that reflects the light of the sky.

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