What are the risks of eating ham for your health

Ham is the favorite pairing of mozzarella in Brazilian cuisine. There is no person who refuses a nice hot mix with tomato or some savory “pizza”, right? The problem is that ham can pose health risks just like any other processed meat.

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After all, what is ham?

It is necessary to understand that ham is on the list of processed meats, that is, that are artificially produced by the industry. In the process, large amounts of fat and sodium are added to the meat to enhance the flavor and make it last longer.

Excess salt is one of the main factors that generate health risks. To give you an idea, each 1 gram of ham can contain up to 10 mg of sodium. This means that 100 g of ham can achieve half the salt that the American Heart Association recommends for an entire day.

What are the risks of processed meat?

Ham and other processed meats undergo several industrial processes, which include smoking, curing, seasoning, etc.

However, in these procedures they end up coming into contact with harmful chemical elements, such as nitrites and nitrates. They, in themselves, are not dangerous, but the action of nitrites in the body can generate nitrosamine, which is highly carcinogenic.

Although the substance is harmful, the ham warnings were not based purely on chemical reactions.

More than hundreds of studies on the subject were analyzed in different universities in several countries around the world by the World Health Organization (WHO). All of them pointed to processed meats as components of a “carcinogenic diet”.

To minimize the evils that these foods can promote to the body, the tip is to look for homemade foods that have the same effect.

It is possible to reproduce bacon at home and eat meat that is even tastier, organic and healthier than that bought at the market, for example. The problem is that the busy routine often doesn’t allow for the necessary time in the kitchen.

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