WhatsApp: Check out 6 new features that can be implemented by the end of the year

As in 2021, the Whatsapp intends to release many new features in the application during this year. According to the specialized website WABetaInfo, the new features range from tools for Status to subscription plans.

See 6 news that should arrive this year on Whatsapp

  1. Leave groups ‘silently’

The functionality is still under development, but when released, it will allow the user to leave groups without the other members being notified. On occasion, only administrators will be notified by the application.

  1. Link preview in status

Another function that must be released in the Whatsapp is a preview of the links placed in the statuses. Thus, the user will be able to verify what that address is about before touching it. This will serve as security since many malicious links are shared by the messenger.

  1. Quick shortcut to reply messages

For web version of Whatsapp, the company is developing a shortcut to reply to specific messages. The option is only available for mobile messenger (for cell phones). The intention is that the shortcut button is next to the reaction button.

  1. conversation filters

To make life easier for users of the Whatsapp Business, a conversation filter must be implemented in the application. In short, the function will give faster access to specific conversations, grouped into unread messages, messages sent by contacts, by unsaved contacts and groups.

  1. Add ‘companion’ device

Requested by many users, WhatsApp is planning to release an update that will allow you to connect an account on more than one cell phone. The feature will be very useful for users who need to use the messenger on two cell phones simultaneously.

  1. WhatsApp Premium

Finally, the latest discovery by WABetaInfo concerns a subscription plan that is being developed to launch on WhatsApp Business. In short, the modality will allow the account to be logged in up to 10 devices and links to contact the company to be created every 90 days.

Did you like the news? It is important to point out that because they are in the development phase, they have not yet been released in the beta versions of Whatsapp.

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