ANS finds “serious economic-financial and administrative abnormalities” at Unimed-Rio

Arena Unimed Aterro, new leisure and sports space in the South Zone of Rio – Photo: Disclosure

THE National Health Agency decided on “annual renewal of the tax management process” at Unimed Rio Cooperativa de Saúde. The federal authority claimed that the alleged abnormalities in the institution are such that they put it at risk “the continuity or quality of health care for beneficiaries”, that is, from customers of Unimed’s health plans.

This “fiscal department” is a kind of agency intervention, which determines the on-site monitoring of the company’s activities, which is carried out by an agent appointed by the ANS itself; this sort of thing only happens when such serious administrative or economic-financial abnormalities.

Unimed was already dirty with this federal intervention regime, after winning a competitive bid for half a billion reais carried out by the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ). The TJRJ, after that, had raised a series of questions about the way in which the company won the bid.

According to Unimed, it would only be a matter of renewing the procedure already in force previously, and which is foreseen in the term of commitment that the company had signed with the federal authorities, committing to restructure itself after all the problems found.

The decision was published in the Official Gazette on 5/19.

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