Drunk driver who ran over 5 children in DF does not have a driver’s license

The drunk driver who ran over five children at QNP 05, in Ceilândia, on the afternoon of this Sunday (22/5), does not have a National Driver’s License (CNH), according to the report. metropolises the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF). Francisco Manoel da Silva, 53, was arrested after hitting girls aged between 4 and 10 and trying to escape. He was caught by a group of motoboys and then arrested in the act by the Military Police of the Federal District.

Francis was almost lynched by revolted people. According to the PMDF, there was an attempt to attack, but the corporation arrived in time to prevent it. Watch below:

Drunk driver runs over 5 children in DF; 3 are in serious condition

Francisco received a voice of arrest and was taken to the 15th Police Station (Ceilândia Centro). According to the PMDF, the driver was drunk “by a finding report” confirmed by the Legal Medical Institute (IML). This is an examination attested by clear signs of intoxication, even when the party refuses to blow on the breathalyzer.

According to the Fire Department, all the victims were transported to the Regional Hospital of Ceilândia (HRC), but three of them – one aged 4 and the other two aged 6 -, due to the severity of their injuries, ended up being transferred to the Hospital de Base of the DF (HBDF). At the time of attendance, the military identified that they had head trauma and multiple fractures throughout their bodies.

The other two, both aged 10 years, had excoriations, were conscious and oriented.

See images of the scene after the accident:


neighbors were scared

THE metropolises was at the scene of the accident and, on the street, there were still objects that the children were carrying at the time, such as a pink backpack. The dents on the hood of the white Fox indicate that the impact on the children was violent.

Neighbors who heard the crash report that the car that hit the victims only stopped a few meters ahead, after motoboys prevented the driver from escaping. “We were inside the house and we heard the sound of the car crashing. When we went out to look, the children were already on the floor. Two of them were very serious lying on the track. The others were on the sidewalk. Afterwards, the car drove away, but some bikers surrounded it in front of it”, said housewife Elaine Azevedo, 37, who lives in front of the lane where the hit-and-run occurred.

According to residents, the accident took place around 2:20 pm. “It seems to us that he didn’t brake, because if he had braked, we would have heard. It was a very strong blow”, comments sales promoter Milena Rabelo Campos, 32 years old. She was at her sister’s house when she heard the noise and went out to see. “There were other children with them. The eldest was crying, screaming the name of one of them,” she reports.

Self-employed Rosa Celestino Ramos, 42, a friend of the victims’ family, says the children would cross the street, but at a crosswalk. “They hold hands when they cross. Then, they were going to pass and the car came and passed right by,” she says.

Police, however, are still investigating whether the children crossed the crosswalk. According to Fernando Crisci, delegate on duty at the 15th DP, if it happened on the strip, the crime would be even more serious.

Also according to Fernando Crisci, the fact that Francisco is not qualified worsens his condition. “He was charged with culpable bodily harm while driving a motor vehicle, qualified by the lack of a driver’s license.”

Inside the vehicle, besides Francisco, there was a brother of his and a cousin. The cousin ran away after the accident. The brother testified. “He was a witness, was in the vehicle and confirmed that, in fact, he [o motorista] made use of drinks. He says he went over a speed bump, there was a car in front, he tried to avoid that car and ran over this group of children”, explains the delegate.

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