Make THESE Diet Changes to Keep Your Cholesterol Low

High cholesterol levels can cause a person to develop several diseases, including cardiovascular diseases that can even lead to death. Likewise, it is important to keep your blood fat levels under control.

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abstain from carbohydrates

Frequent consumption of foods containing starch and carbohydrates is linked to metabolic syndrome which, according to the Ministry of Health, is a set of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, including abnormal cholesterol levels.

Instead of excess carbohydrates, opt for a Mediterranean diet, which is low in refined carbohydrates and healthy fats. These more beneficial fats, which are found in fish and nuts, can help raise HDL cholesterol, known as good cholesterol.

drink red wine

According to some studies, drinking 30ml of red wine a day helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease by 24.7%. On the other hand, making alcohol consumption can quickly increase triglycerides, for this and other reasons it should be consumed in moderation.

Foods that help control cholesterol

To help you who have high cholesterol have a better and more diverse diet, in addition to helping to lower your cholesterol level, learn about some perfect foods to keep your good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol levels in balance See a list :

  • Fishes;
  • Oat;
  • Oilseeds;
  • Bitter chocolate;
  • Olive oil;
  • Artichoke;
  • Orange;
  • Wine;
  • Linseed;
  • Lower leg;
  • Soy;
  • Açaí;
  • Tea, especially green tea.

Actions that can help those with high cholesterol

Now that you know the foods that are good for you and help you lower bad cholesterolyou will learn some attitudes that can improve your quality of life even more.

  1. Do physical exercise regularly;
  2. Increase fiber intake;
  3. Consuming probiotic foods (natural yogurt, kefir, kombucha, soy-based fermented foods, etc.)
  4. Drink green tea daily;
  5. Consume healthy fats;
  6. Eat more garlic;
  7. Drink eggplant juice.

See juices that can help lower cholesterol

There are some fruits that can help you lower high blood cholesterol. Here are some of them, remembering that the guidance and follow-up of a doctor is essential:

  • Grape juice;
  • orange juice with eggplant;
  • Guava’s juice;
  • Watermelon juice;
  • pomegranate juice;
  • Apple juice;
  • Tomato juice;
  • Pineapple juice.

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