Nutritionist lists 6 mistakes that prevent muscle mass gain

The search for any change in one’s own body is complicated. Several factors interfere in the final results: whether to lose weight, gain weight, or gain muscle, it is not enough to spend the day at the gym or shut your mouth. The ideal is to combine different strategies to facilitate the process.

Gaining muscle mass works very differently from the weight loss process. It is necessary to eat in adequate amounts (often more than you spend) and choose foods well to avoid the need to use food supplements.

Nutritionist Carolina Vogado lists six mistakes of those who are trying to gain muscle mass. Check out:

1 – Fasting for hypertrophy

Carolina says that going many hours without eating is more suitable for those looking to lose weight, it is not a strategy that facilitates muscle mass gain. However, if the patient’s nutritional needs are met during the day, fasting will not interfere with hypertrophy.

2 – Mandatory use of supplements

“In fact, when the dietary intake of nutrients is not adequate, the option is made for the inclusion of supplements, never the other way around. The use of nutrients that comes from food is better than that of supplements. In addition, a single food is a source of different nutrients because it has a complex matrix”, teaches the nutritionist.

According to her, better than consuming supplements is to bet on the quality of the menu.

3 – Skip pre-workout and post-workout meals

Carolina explains that the ideal is not to skip any meal and strictly comply with the nutritionist’s guidelines — a good diet should take into account the patient’s needs, as well as their physical activity, sleep and work/study schedules.

Missing the opportunity to eat carbohydrates before training, for example, can cause a low energy during exercise, decreasing performance.


4 – Cut all fat from your diet

The nutritionist says that, in order to gain lean mass, you cannot stop consuming fat. “Good fats should be preferred over others because they provide adequate hormone synthesis,” she warns.

Among the fat-dependent hormones is testosterone, which plays a key role in lean mass gain.

5 – Drink little water

In addition to about 70% of the muscles being water, Carolina explains that hydration is essential to favor the maintenance and growth of muscle cells.

6 – Eat less than you spend

“In the search for hypertrophy, calorie deficit is not the best strategy. If I want to build tissues, in this case muscles, I need to consume energy that favors the process. Thus, an intake greater than the individual’s energy needs is recommended”, explains Carolina.

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