PS1 and PSP games appear in Malaysia’s PS Store: optional trophies, video filters, online and more

With the new PS Plus arriving in Asia on May 23 (and June 13 in the Americas), PS1 and PSP games were expected to be available on the PS Store and bringing more details on how they would run on PS4 and PS5. And finally we have this information.

The following games are currently available on the Malaysian PS Store:

With the above games, we have the following information:

  • PS1 games have a CRT graphic filter (reminiscent of old tube TVs);
  • There is a variety of scale and aspect ratio for the graphics;
  • PS1 games may have online functionality (Worms World Party seems to offer online multiplayer – in the game description it says that the modes can be enjoyed online and offline);
  • Trophies in PS1 games are optional. As reported, support exists and will be available at Siphon Filterbut the games listed above don’t have trophies at first;
  • PS1 and PSP games support Rewind, Quick Save and saves can be hosted online.

The price of games are around 20 and 39 Ringgit (Malaysian currency). That means they will cost between 4 and 9 dollars.

See some images taken from those who bought the games above.

PS1 Classic PS4 PS5 PS Plus

PS1 Classic PS4 PS5 PS Plus

PS1 Classic PS4 PS5 PS Plus

PS1 Classic PS4 PS5 PS Plus

PS1 Classic PS4 PS5 PS Plus

The following images are from the PS Store itself for Ridge Racer 2:

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