Zé Felipe is diagnosed with an incurable disease and doctors give a deadline

Zé Felipe lives with a cruel disease and heard from doctors that he will have to undergo intense treatment for two years

who accompanies Zé Felipe on social media, you must have seen the singer at some point in the hospital taking a drip. The procedure, in fact, is a treatment that the child of Leonardo and Poliana Rocha need to perform due to the diagnosis of a serious and incurable disease.

Despite his young age, 24 years old, the famous man has ankylosing spondylitis. The difficult name disease has characteristics of an inflammatory arthritis and causes severe pain crises. This condition can lead to reduced flexibility and forward hunched posture in addition to possible bone damage.

To prevent the disease from getting worse, Zé Felipe has to take injections periodically. So much so that it is common for the singer to share hospital records taking the dose he needs. For those who don’t know, the son of Leonardo and Poliana Rocha received the diagnosis in October 2019 and surprised him.

“I was feeling pain in my back, foot, knee, since July. And I spent about three months feeling this pain, going to the doctor and I didn’t know what it was. Therefore, I am grateful for being able to undergo the treatment and take care of it”, said Zé Felipe. The injection has a pretty hefty price tag.

The medicine must be applied every two months and each dose has an average of R$9 thousand. The treatment, according to the doctors, has to be done for at least two years. In the case of Zé Felipe, money to pay for frequent trips to the hospital was never the problem. But, this ends up disrupting your show routine.

"Everything has a reason"Virgínia meets with Zé Felipe for an announcement and Poliana Rocha gets involved: "I'm still here"

“Everything has a reason”, Virgínia meets with Zé Felipe for an announcement and Poliana Rocha gets involved: “I follow here”

Virgínia Fonseca, wife of Zé Felipe, was admitted to the hospital (Photo: Reproduction)

Pregnant Virgínia, wife of Zé Felipe, is rushed to the hospital after feeling severe pain

Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe, brother of Pedro Leonardo

Virgínia Fonseca talks about betrayal on video, exposes Zé Felipe and confirms the outcome: “He lies, he cheats”

Zé Felipe gets involved in a fight during the show - Photo: Reproduction
Zé Felipe has an incurable disease – Photo: Reproduction


It is worth remembering that the singer’s wife, Virgínia Fonseca, spent a few days in the hospital due to a severe migraine. The young woman spent days, hospitalized and performed a veritable battery of tests, only to be released by the doctors. During this period, she received support from Zé Felipe.

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