Capcom aims to revive games from dormant franchises

During the most recent investor meeting, Capcom executives hinted at an interest in reviving games from dormant classic franchises. According to the publisher, there are already plans for the return of some of these series, while others will be conditioned to the general will of the community.

Capcom's Lost Planet Character Faces Giant Scorpion
Source: Capcom

When asked about plans for IPs considered inactive, the Resident Evil publisher left the future open and said it was already working on strategies to rescue old games. However, the company made it clear that it will not only consider its will, but also market demand and possible indicators of interest.

We are currently developing plans for our work schedule in line with market demand information. Going forward, we will continue to consider customer wishes as we decide on our alignment.

Sagas like Dino Crisis, Darkstalkers, Power Stone, Viewtiful Joe and Onimusha have been without new entries for almost 20 years, with many of them being quite popular with fans. Meanwhile, Okami and Lost Planet have gone ten years without sequels, as bets like Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Monster Hunter continue to rise.

Capcom breaks new profit record

For the fifth year in a row, Capcom has broken earnings records and seen its most popular franchises carry high rates in the most recent fiscal period. According to reports, 36.2 million games were sold in the last year, most notably Resident Evil Village, which distributed over 6 million copies. Click here to learn more.

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